Fujifilm Business Innovation Expands A3 Printer Family

Fujifilm ApeosPrint 3360 S.

Fujifilm Business Innovation of Japan today expanded its A3 printer family with the launch of three new A3 monochrome printers, the ApeosPrint 4560 S,  3960 S, and 3360 S, which are rated at up to 45, 39, and 33 ppm, respectively.

Fujfilm says the the ApeosPrint 3960 S and 3360 S  printers are the smallest and lightest in their class – they measure 19.6″ (width) × 15.2″  (depth) × 10.34″ (height), and are said to be ideal for space-constrained installations. 

The ApeosPrint 4560 S supports a paper capacity of up to 2,300 sheets, while the ApeosPrint 3960 S and 3360 S can support up to 2,000 sheets. The three new printers also support a wide range of paper types – 60-220g/m2 paper, and 60-163g/m2 when printing on both sides. They also support a wide range of paper sizes such as shipping slips, postcards, and long paper up to 11.7″ x 47″ for printing in-house promotional materials creation.

The new printers are equipped with Fujifilm’s proprietary technology, Super EA-Eco toner, which is fused on to the paper at low temperatures for lower energy consumption. The toner is said to consist of micro-size particles to produce extremely fine-grained prints with a esolution of up to 1,200 dpi.

The company said it also improved energy efficiency. Energy consumption is rated at 109kWh per year (ApeosPrint 4560 S), 98kWh per year (ApeosPrint 3960 S), and 75kWh per year (ApeosPrint 3360 S), all of which is an improvement over predecessor models, the DocuPrint 4400 d,  3500 d, and 3200 d.

Energy consumption in sleep mode has also been improved to 0.4W, also an improvement over predecessors.

Other features include:

  • Compatible with Microsoft Universal Print.
  • Supports simultaneous network connection via wired LAN and wireless LAN (Wireless Kit 2 option is required).
  • Print up to 1.8 million pages over the lifetime of the printer. 

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