Fujifilm Launches New Continuous-Feed Color Inkjet Commercial Printer

Fujifilm Business Innovation Asia Pacific today launched its new Jet Press 1160CF, a high-speed continuous-feed color-inkjet printer for the transactional printing and publishing markets.

According to the firm, the system features the fastest print speed and best print density in its class. It will be available into the Asia Pacific region beginning in stages starting this month.

Fujifilm noted that transactional print, such as statements, invoices, and personalized direct-mail communication, is required to be on time, and short-run publishing is driven by time to market – with both applications having a narrow production window. The company also said that with greater data availability, the demand to personalize transactional print statements with customer preferences and interests,  and create short run, or personalized publishing is increasing. Printers must now be able to accommodate complex data combined with high quality graphic images at fast print speeds with great complexity.

To meet these demands, Fujifilm says the new Jet Press 1160CF offers two advanced printing modes: a print-speed priority mode, and an image-quality priority mode. With the speed-priority mode, the system prints at 160 meters per minute (equivalent to 2,096 pages per minute on pre-cut A4 paper) at 1,200 x 600 dpi resolution, which is 1.6-times faster than the previous model. With the image quality priority mode, the system prints at 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution at 80 meters per minute.

The company also said its newly developed high-concentration pigment inks available in both modes, enable the highest printing density for this class, producing sharp and vivid printouts especially for images with text and numbers. In addition, there’s artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to optimize image quality with the newly developed print server.

Other features include:

  • Retains the compactness of its predecessor without the need for additional space.
  • Newly developed print server can handle quick conversion of output data and printing simultaneously. This reduces the time required for pre-printing data generation, which shortens the overall printing time.
  • Minimize transition time by migrating print jobs, and adopt different types of applications through the dedicated Fujifilm Business Innovation specialists.
  • Ease of operation includes ink replacements with newly designed CMYK four-color ink packs, each weighing approximately 20 kg, thus reducing operators’ workload. The ink packs can remain in the specialized ink compartment during reloading.

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