About Wirth Consulting

Industry veterans Terry and Kathleen Dwyer Wirth established Wirth Consulting in 2008. They have been evaluating printers and copier/MFPs, as well as their associated software, solutions, and supplies, since their inception, and covering news and trends in the office-imaging industry since the early 1990s.They formed Wirth Consulting in order to provide unbiased, timely, and independent industry-leading news coverage and analysis, and consulting services.

Our clients have included Canon USA, Epson, HP Inc., Lexmark International, and others.

Because we do not accept advertising or other fees, we can truly present unbiased news coverage and analysis – and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is, good or bad!

Kathleen Dwyer Wirth, Vice President

Kathleen has been covering the digital-imaging industry for over 30 years, and has been a regular contributor to many industry publications.

As an analyst and writer, she has covered product launches, written guides for using MFPs, printers and their software, and has tracked industry news and provided in-depth analysis, from new product introductions, to OEM financial reports. She has also tested and reviewed many MFPs and printers. Her hands-on experience garnered from years of testing printers and copier/MFPs provides her with a unique perspective when covering new products and technology. She holds a Masters Degree from New York University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Montclair State University.

Kathy Dwyer Wirth
Vice President/Editor
kathywirth95@gmail.com+1 (973) 964-3579

Terry Wirth, Founder

The late Mr. Wirth had over 40 years of experience in the evaluation and testing of printers, copier/MFPs, All-in-Ones and other imaging equipment, and has been responsible for managing various testing programs.

As former chairman and member since 1989 of the American Society for the Testing of Materials (ASTM) F05 Committee on Business Imaging Production, Terry wrote numerous published ASTM test methods. ASTM is one of the world’s largest voluntary standards organizations and is a trusted source for technical standards, as well as for products and services.

Terry passed away in September 2018 after a brief illness. He was a best-in-class partner, and will be greatly missed.