Y Soft Releases New MFX Lite Reader for Secure User Authentication

Office-solution provider Y Soft today announced its latest RFID and contact-less reader with the release of its entry-level YSoft MFX Lite reader.

The YSoft MFX Lite reader is designed for more budget-conscious reader deployment applications where chip technology is not a requirement. The card-reader user-authentication system can be used for secure print, scan, 3D printer management, machine access and manufacturing process tracking, time tracking, attendance and access systems, fleet management, driver access, electric vehicle charging stations, vending machines, and other uses.

The reader also features significantly reduced the power consumption – it’s up to 36 percent more energy-efficient than most other readers. It comes with a free six-year product-lifetime warranty, is built in-house in the European Union, and is said to have the most up-to-date logic board chip set at its core to ensure that supply-chain issues never become a problem.

Y Soft says the MFX Lite is plug-and-play and can be up and running in just a matter of seconds. Based on Y Soft’s hardware performance assurance, which equates to over 2.5 million hours of mean time between failures (MTBF) testing, the company says the reader has been tested five times more robustly than the closest competitors’ technology

The MFX Lite expands Y Soft’s reader range, which the company says is the most complete and reliable one-stop reader family on the market for distributors, manufacturers, and end-users needing to provide reliable contactless card user-authentication.

For more information on the MFX Lite, visit Y Soft here.

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