Y Soft Introduces ‘Most Universal’ RFID Reader in the Market

On April 5th, office-solutions provider Y Soft announced it’s extending its RFID (radio frequency identification device) and contact-reader portfolio with the release of its new YSoft MFX Ultimate Reader.

Y Soft says it’s the only reader to combine mobile, HID, and Legic in one device, meaning it can decrypt almost all secure card and mobile data, making it it the most universal RFID reader on the market. As another industry first, the reader also comes with a free product-lifetime warranty, which will be also rolled out across Y Soft’s entire readers’ range.

The RFID reader can be used for user authentication at copier/MFPs and printers, secure print and scan management, machine-access and manufacturing process tracking, secure 3D-printer management, time-tracking, attendance and access systems, fleet management, driver access, electric vehicle charging stations, vending machines, and for other applications.

The YSoft MFX Ultimate Reader is said to be the first of its kind to overcome the technological complexity of combining card and mobile reading chips into one device to create a solution that allows companies to digitally transform from cards to mobile-first authentication using the same reader. By future-proofing user access and replacing the need for users to authenticate using multiple cards, Y Soft says it’s now possible for them to simply use the mobile device they already have in their pocket.

To date, Y Soft has sold over half a million RFID units. The company researches, develops, builds, certifies, and robot tests its products in-house in the European Union. It says this makes its reader product range the most complete and reliable one-stop reader shop on the market for distributors, manufacturers, and end-users.

Y Soft also noted that the need for companies to provide an increasingly dispersed workforce with secure and authorized access to systems, machinery, and buildings, no matter where and when they need it, has never been more necessary than now.

About Y Soft RFID Readers

Y Soft’s hardware is said to be plug-and-play by default and can switch from one technology to another and, in most cases, is up and running in just a matter of seconds. Technology that helps prevent read errors include triple scan-checking by default, automated self-diagnostics and antenna self-check, plus  technology to improve the speed and accuracy when reading data, so users can reliably authenticate themselves at the devices every time. Based on Y Soft’s hardware performance assurance, which equates to over 2.5 million hours of mean time between failures (MTBF) testing, the company says the devices are tested five-times more robustly than that of the closest competitors’ technology.

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