MPS Monitor Adds PaperCut Integration

MPS Monitor, which provides remote monitoring and management of printers and copier/MFPs, today announced the integration of PaperCut MF and Papercut NG print-management data into its MPS Monitor Analytics business-intelligence platform.

MPS Monitor Analytics is designed for document-imaging dealers, printer resellers, and managed print services providers, and is based entirely on Microsoft’s Power BI Embedded technology. The solution enables users to access a full BI environment from within their MPS Monitor web portal, without the need for separate accounts, different portals, or additional licensing. It enables users to modify existing dashboards and reports, or they can create new ones without requiring any coding.

PaperCut Integration

The goal of the integration of PaperCut into MPS Monitor is to provide an enhanced business-Intelligence and reporting environment to document-imaging dealers and managed print services end-users who use the PaperCut MF and Papercut NG platforms for print management, job-accounting, and secure printing.

Through the integration of data obtained from PaperCut MF, MPS Monitor’s business-intelligence is said to be enhanced by importing into its Analytics system all the data that PaperCut is able to export using standard data-integration features.

For instance, PaperCut MF typically produces a large amount of historical, unstructured data related to all the aspects of managed print: type and size of documents printed; users and departments that print; cost of each single print job; as well as environmental impact of print activities and savings generated by the implementation of print policies, rules, and best practices. This data can now be merged inside the MPS Monitor Power BI Embedded database, so that all the raw data generated by PaperCut MF is converted into visual information with advanced filtering and slicing features, drill-through capabilities, and aggregations.

The result is said to be an increase in the ability to create new insights and data visualisation by using the real-time data coming from printers in order to analyze user behaviour, identify and compare costs, analyze printing patterns, and optimize print fleets in which PaperCut MF or Papercut NG is active.

Dealers and managed print services providers can use this reporting and analytics to perform quarterly or monthly business reviews with their customers, the latter of which may access Analytics reports and dashboards with their print usage data at any time, in real time and from the cloud, by simply accessing the MPS Monitor Portal.

The PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG integration doesn’t require any additional software installation or specific setup, as it’s powered by the same MPS Monitor device collection agent that’s used to collect data and to monitor printers.

The new capabilities are available to all customers running the latest version of MPS Monitor DCA, at no additional cost.

Dealers interested in adopting MPS Monitor can get a free trial by visiting MPS Monitor here.

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