MPS Monitor Brings Managed Service to Kodak Alaris Scanners

On May 27th, MPS Monitor, the developer and distributor of MPS Montior for remote monitoring and management of printers and MFPs, announced that MPS Monitor 2.0 is now available for monitoring  Kodak Alaris document scanners.

Consequently, Kodak Alaris channel partners that offer managed scan services to their customers can now deploy MPS Monitor 2.0’s technology to automatically monitor scanning devices and securely collect customers’ document-scanning data.

The integration of Kodak Alaris within the MPS Monitor 2.0 platform is made possible through the MPS Capture Agent from Kodak Alaris. With the automation achieved in the data-collection process, Kodak Alaris channel partners are now said to have complete control of pay-per-scan contracts with their customers, streamlining operations related to invoicing.

Data that’s collected can also be used to predict volume and consumption, with a continuous comparison between forecasts and actual use. Channel partners can also monitor the scanner’s lamp usage and duration.

Nicola De Blasi, CEO of MPS Monitor, commented: “This announcement with Kodak Alaris is the latest in a long line of relationships with the industry’s key players, which further endorses the channel ecosystem’s recognition of the value that MPS Monitor delivers. In Kodak Alaris’ case, we have made available a solution that offers convenience, efficiency, security and an improved workflow, while providing-data based insights that enable more informed decisions to be made.”

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