Kofax Introduces Next-Generation of TotalAgility Workflow Solution

Kofax, a provider of intelligent-automation software for digital workflow transformation, today announced the latest release of Kofax TotalAgility, Kofax’s intelligent automation platform.

The Kofax platform provides document-capture, business-process, and dynamic case management, RPA task automation, generation of personalized communications with or without embedded e-signature capabilities, and analytics for monitoring and reporting workflow performance. The platform is provided on-premise or via the Kofax Cloud, or via organization’s cloud infrastructure of choice.

The new release is said to make it easier for professional and citizen developers to quickly develop, deploy and manage automated workflows.

New Cloud Infrastructure

Supporting this release, Kofax said it also continues to expand its cloud capabilities, adding data centers in Australia and Europe. These new facilities are said to provide TotalAgility customers greater compliance with data residency requirements.

Kofax TotalAgility Latest Version

The latest version of Kofax TotalAgility is said provides many new improvements, from artificial intelligence-powered intelligent document processing and low-code workflow design, to connecting critical business systems. The low-code capabilities are said to enable developers to create virtually any workflow.

TotalAgility’s new and improved features include:

Enhanced Artificial Intelligence.

TotalAgility says enhanced artificial intelligence provides automated continuous improvements in accuracy, with no human intervention, for separating large batches of documents – one of the most demanding document-processing tasks.

Improved low-code development

TotalAgility is said to make it easier to define, acquire and verify the documents needed for content-intensive workflows. The status of the documents is viewable by everyone involved in the task, from the process designer to the end-user.

New capabilities also accelerate the development process by making it easier for professional and citizen developers to manage workflows, generate documentation, move projects between environments with a single click, and create and run test cases.

Upgraded visibility and insights

The platform also features a new digital workforce management console, providing access to real-time insights into activity across the deployment, which is said to be critical for scaling intelligent automation solutions. Administrators can quickly identify and address issues or tune the system to optimize performance with no downtime.

For more information on Kofax Total Agility, visit the firm here.

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