Kofax and Coforce Partner to Bring Digital Transformation to Education

Kofax, a provider of intelligent automation software for digital workflows, and platinum partner Coforce of Ede, The Netherlands, today announced they’re partnering to help digitally transform the education sector.

Coforce is also working with iPM Partners on this solution to help educational institutions implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software to automate many manual, time consuming, and expensive manual workflows common in the education sector.

According to Kofax, educational institutions are increasingly turning to Coforce, which uses Kofax RPA and Kofax TotalAgility software to provide customers with solutions and support for their automation. For instance, ROC Midden-Nederland and other Dutch educational institutions are rolling out Kofax RPA as a Digital Teaching Assistant within their respective organizations.

The Kofax-Coforce enhanced partnership is said to enable customers to quickly deploy automation. Within a year, more than five primary processes were automated using Digital Teaching Assistants including:

  • The registration process for new students
  • Absence registration or absence administration
  • Student tracking system and associated administration
  • Scheduling lessons and teachers more efficiently
  • Onboarding and registering new employees
  • Invoice processing and administrative mail workflows

To learn more about Coforce in the education world, visit here or download the digital teaching assistant.

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