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Preliminary Injunction Blocks Proposed Xerox-Fujifilm Deal

Court papers noted: “The lynchpin of the Court’s decision turns on the conduct of Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson in the time frame preceding the Board’s approval of a transaction that granted control of an American icon company to Fuji without any cash payment by Fuji to Xerox shareholders, and the Board’s acquiescence in Jacobson’s conduct.”

U.S. ITC to Investigate Canon’s Patent-Infringement Allegations Against Third-Party Toner-Cartridge Sellers

Canon filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Static Control in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina on February 28th, alleging that Static Control’s replacement toner cartridges and imaging drums designed for use in Canon and HP laser printers infringe on Canon’s patents.

Deason Sues to Replace Xerox Board; New Joint Deason-Icahn Letter

“Hope is not a strategy. We cannot just hope for multiple expansion. We cannot just hope for synergies. We cannot just hope that the massive Fuji Xerox accounting scandal will not result in substantial additional liabilities for Xerox. We cannot just hope that Fuji that will treat us fairly once they are in control of our company.”