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Xerox CEO Visentin Joins Fuji Xerox Board of Directors

The appointment is said to be customary, since Fuji Xerox is a joint venture between Xerox and Fujiflm, but the appointment of Icahn-backed Visentin to the board can’t be welcomed by Fujifilm, which saw it’s hopes of obtaining Xerox and merging it with Fuji Xerox dashed  by Icahn and fellow investor Darwin Deason.

Xerox, Fujifilm Said to be Renegotiating Proposed Merger; Other Interested Buyer Revealed

On Wednesday, Xerox also said that Xerox shareholders should disregard information from Icahn and Deason, stating the two are conducting a “highly disingenuous campaign” that distorts and omits key facts about Xerox and the proposed merger. 

Deason Sues to Replace Xerox Board; New Joint Deason-Icahn Letter

“Hope is not a strategy. We cannot just hope for multiple expansion. We cannot just hope for synergies. We cannot just hope that the massive Fuji Xerox accounting scandal will not result in substantial additional liabilities for Xerox. We cannot just hope that Fuji that will treat us fairly once they are in control of our company.”