New Box Collaboration Expands Functionality of Fujifilm’s DocuWorks

Box, Inc., a cloud-service provider, and Fujifilm Business Innovation, have both announced a new technology collaboration. The collaboration features an enhanced integration to Box’s DocuWorks functionality, enabling “DocuWorks documents (.xdw)” to be previewed and searched on Box.

Fujifilm’s DocuWorks is a document-handling software that provides a single platform for managing scanned and electronic documents, and is used by a cumulative total of 8 million licenses in Japan and Asia Pacific. For its part, the Box cloud-service is said to be used by more than 100,000 companies around the world.

Prior to this enhancement, DocuWorks documents had to be downloaded from Box to a PC that’s had DocuWorks installed. And, because only file name search was available, it took added time to find files.

With the enhanced Box and DocuWorks integration, users will be able to store and save DocuWorks files in Box and preview them within Box, including via mobile devices. Paper-based documents can be digitized with DocuWorks, and the digital content is stored in a Box cloud-based account. Documents can then be viewed, searched, and shared securely anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Box’s full range of security functionality can also be used.

Fujifilm Business Innovation stated that with DocuWorks, it’s been supporting the digitization of business operations based on the concept of an “electronic desk.” Through its Box collaboration, the Box service will enable users to directly search and view necessary documents anywhere, supporting work styles that aren’t restricted by location, thereby contributing to the acceleration of customers’ digital transformation (DX). Fujifilm Business Innovation also said it will continue to strengthen its partnership with Box and provide a variety of solutions to help our customers improve their productivity and efficiency.

How DocuWorks Works

Source: Fujifilm Business Innovation

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