Mopria Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Universal Print and Scan Standards

On November 2nd, the Mopria Alliance – the global non-profit membership organization providing universal print and scan standards – celebrated a decade of mobile and computer print and scan innovation.

Today, there are more than 8,000 Mopria-certified models that offer print and/or scan capabilities, with 120 million certified products in active daily use. Mopria has also achieved 3 billion installations on both computers and mobile devices using the world’s most popular operating systems. Billions of pages printed or scanned daily using Mopria technology.

Microsoft Decision

Mopria notes that the recent decision by Microsoft in August 2023 to discontinue support of third-party printer drivers in Windows 11 and rely upon Mopria standards represents a “monumental shift in the industry,” underscoring Mopria’s impact. 

Mopria also says it’s played an instrumental role in shaping the mobile printing and scanning landscape since its inception in 2013, when founding members Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, and Xerox united to create standards that made printing universally compatible across all mobile devices and printers. Mopria has since welcomed 18 additional members representing an overwhelming majority of companies in the global printer and scanner industry.

Android App

Mopria standards also drove the Alliance’s free Android apps, Mopria Print Service and Mopria Scan. These apps ensure that individuals can easily print or scan documents anywhere, anytime, with no setup required, enhancing the print and scan functionality of smartphones and tablets. The Mopria standards offer a convenient and efficient experience for consumers and business customers, enabling seamless printing and scanning from PCs and laptops.

New Breakthroughs

Entering a new decade of innovation, the Mopria Alliance envisions a future marked by new breakthroughs and enhanced accessibility. Michael St. Laurent, president of the Mopria Alliance, expressed the Alliance’s vision for the future, stating, “Mopria Alliance is the industry authority for printer and scanning innovation, and we extend an open invitation to all industry participants to join our collective effort. The past decade has been a testament to our commitment to simplifying and revolutionizing mobile printing and scanning. We envision a future where universal standards, simplicity, and accessibility are realities for everyone.”

The Alliance recently recognized Alan Berkema, Hiro Masuda, Shusaku Kusaka, and Harvey Shimizu as Mopria Alliance Fellows in recognition of their significant leadership and contributions to the Alliance. St. Laurent added, “These individuals took actions in their own unique ways to establish the Alliance into the leading organization that it is today. We are forever grateful for their many contributions and happily induct them into our Fellows program.”

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