Hands-On Test Report, Photos, and Video: Another Rare ‘True’ Large-Format All-in-One: Brother’s INKvestment MFC-J6925dw

Cost per Page and Total Cost of Ownership
At 1.2¢ and 5.0¢ respectively with the standard ink cartridges, black and color Cost per Page (CPP) is lower than any non CISS-equipped desktop printer we have ever tested. At virtually all monthly print volumes, black and color supply costs as well as Total Cost of Ownership are very low making the MFC-J6925dw more economical to operate than a vast majority of ink- and toner-based printers, MFPs and AiOs. Additionally, energy consumption at 29 watts is considerably lower than that of color laser All-in-Ones, which typically consume upwards of 350 watts during operation.

The Brother MFC-J6925dw is one of the few “true” A3/11″x17″ inkjet AiOs in existence and it is the most suitable to serve as the only AiO in homes or offices as opposed to being A3 adjunct to existing A4 printers–in other words, your one-and-only do-it-all AiO. Not only was its design and performance exemplary, its Cost per Page and Total Cost of Ownership are the lowest on the market of any cartridge-based desktop printer today.

In testing, we found that it also has innovative features and fast tested print speeds due to its innovative design. However, as is the case with every printer that we have ever tested, it is not perfect. Indeed, we found several minor weaknesses that were all related to print quality: 1) its black ink had lower density than competitive printers which resulted in slightly inferior print contrast; 2) flesh tones in photos had an orange hue that can admittedly be minimized via software adjustments; and 3) it’s dye-based CYM inks yielded to exposure to water while thankfully its pigment-based black ink did not, making the printer usable for shipping address applications.

Don’t be put off by the $349.99 purchase price that is twice that much as its closest competitor, as the MFC-J6925dw’s cost per ISO page is less that half that of said competitor. This means that the premium that you pay up front will recouped as quickly as you print afterwards. In summary, this AiO is more than suitable as the only printer for use in any home, office or micro-workgroup in companies that do not require network user authentication.

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