Fujifilm MFP Recycling Plant in China Achieves Carbon Neutrality

Fujifilm Holdings announced on July 4th that its Fujifilm Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) Corporation in China has become carbon neutral.

Fujifilm Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou), which recycles used Fujifilm Business Innovation MFPs and toner cartridges, has installed some 8,000 square meters of solar photovoltaic panels on site, enough to cover 90 percent of all electricity it uses. The company also purchases electricity accompanied with renewable energy certificates to cover the rest of its electricity consumption, so that it’s now switched entirely to renewable electricity.

For its climate-action targets, Fujifilm is aiming to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing by its fiscal year ending in March 2041, and to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions across its entire product lifecycle, from procurement of raw materials, to manufacturing, transportation, use and disposal by 50 percent by its fiscal year ending in March 2031, compared to fiscal-year 2019 levels.

In order to achieve these targets, the company launched a new Fujifilm Group environmental strategy, “Green Value Climate Strategy,” which includes “Green Value Manufacturing,” a strategy to manufacture with a lower environmental impact, while providing “Green Value Products” with excellent environmental performance. The firm says it promotes measures that lead to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in manufacturing under “Green Value Manufacturing.” For example, manufacturing sites in the Netherlands and Belgium already use renewable electricity for 100 percent of their electricity consumption.

The company says it’s also accelerating its carbon-neutral initiatives at its manufacturing sites. The initiatives include the move to use renewable-derived electricity for all electricity consumption at its large scale bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Denmark, which is currently expanding its production capability, and at a facility in North Carolina in the U.S., the latter of which will go operational in the spring of 2025.

The Fujifilm Group stated it will continue to actively work on addressing climate-related issues to contribute to a decarbonized society.

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