Fujifilm Business Innovation CEO Hints at Global Expansion

Forbes Asia recently interviewed Fujifilm Business Innovation leader, Hisanori Makaya, 

In the article, which was reprinted by Fujifilm Business Innovation, Makaya, who was appointed president and CEO of Fujifilm Business Innovation on April 1, 2021- a day after Fujifilm’s decades-old Technology Agreement with Xerox ended – discusses where Fujifilm Business Innovation may be headed.

One key question has been whether Fujifilm Business Innovation might expand outside of the Asia-Pacific region, a region it was restricted to under the Technology Agreement.

According to the Forbes’ article “Fujifilm Business Innovation is ready to start selling products globally under the Fujifilm brand.” It’s also considering ways to provide IT solutions and services for new work styles that emerged during the pandemic.

As more offices go paperless, Fujifilm Business Innovation is also said to be currently reassessing the future viability of copier/MFPs.

However Makaya told Forbes that Fujifilm Business Innovation still considers the MFP a key component in the office, stating “I believe the MFP still has a huge role to play.”

Evolved MFPs Linked with Software

Makaya also said that “As times change, we will meet diverse customer needs by linking evolved MFPs with all kinds of software, either our own or third-party. Our mission as a leading company is to help create a benchmark for the various new ways of working.”

Forbes also reported that, despite the pandemic, sales of Fujifilm Business Innovation products equipped with robust security features surpassed the previous fiscal year’s sales numbers.

The pandemic also didn’t stop the company from introducing new products. It launched 19 MFP models last June, and four additional models and 14 products in its ApeosPro, Apeos C and ApeosPrint series in April 2021, the company’s first product lineup under the Fujifilm brand.

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