Hyland Announces New Enhancements to OnBaseUX, RPA, and Healthcare

On August 30th, Hyland Software, a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) and workflow solutions, released its latest product enhancements, including OnBaseUX improvements, and new tools for solution developers.

The new product functionality includes user-interface improvements, expanded low-code application development tools to allow builders to more easily deliver solutions, and enhanced task-automation tools.

OnBase Enhancements

Hyland’s flagship OnBase is an enterprise information platform for managing content and information. New enhancements include a dark mode to reduce eye strain, and expanded language support. The web client now also provides more cross-browser supported features.

Hyland says solution builders will also find usability improvements, such as accelerated building with new forms and workflow features, and additional low-code tools to create more responsive interfaces.

Other upgrades include a new Administration Portal that provides a more intuitive user interface, and the platform’s Administration REST API has been improved with new capabilities for automating configuration tasks.

Finally, improvements to Hyland’s AP Automation for SAP solution support EMEA-specific tax and GL coding needs, enabling global organizations to reduce regulatory risk and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Hyland RPA

The Hyland Robotic Process Aution (RPA) suite provides automatic capturing and routing of information in enterprises. The most recent improvements include improved monitoring, which is provided by new standard reports and instant bulk changes.

New features include the ability to concurrently run automations in the foreground and background. Hyland RPA users can now also integrate and automate more systems in less time with a new smart API that requires no core technical knowledge, saving on development time and cost.

Hyland Cloud Fax integrations

New Hyland Healthcare integrations for etherFAX and Consensus Cloud are said to provide healthcare providers with a more secure, cost-effective, and reliable-data transfer solution while protecting health information and shortening business processing cycles.

For more information about the new product enhancements, visit Hyland here.

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