Xerox Debuts Workflow Central Protect with Email and Print Protections

Among one of the worst experiences known to mankind is sending an email and then realizing you’ve sent it to the wrong email address. Well, of course, it’s probably not among the worst experiences ever, but it’s up there – especially when that email may contain patient health information, financial information, even a joke about the boss, all of which can result in serious consequences.

Xerox however recently came to the rescue with a new solution, called Protect, for its Workflow Central platform. Among other things, it enables users to virtually “disappear” emails that have been to the wrong address..

Information-Sharing Vulnerabilities

The company notes that enterprises must routinely share information, but can do little to control that information once it leaves their firewall, whether by mistake or maliciously. 

One key area of vulnerability is email transmission. While today this is the simplest and quickest way to share information, it’s prone to mistakes, uncontrolled further distribution, and compromised email accounts through malicious activity.

How Workflow Central Protect Can Help

Workflow Central Protect workflows can help mitigate these problems with a Web-browser software portal for both desktop PCs and mobile devices. It can also be used when sending documents with Xerox MFPs. 

When sharing documents through the Protect workflow, creators can set up to three levels of security to each document. These three security levels stay with the document regardless of how it’s shared. They consist of:

Track views – Track the number of document views.

Track viewers – Track the number of document views and who’s viewed it.

Restrict and Track Viewers – track the number of document views and restrict who views it.

With any of the above chosen, creators can set expiration parameters for viewing. These can be after a set date or number of days; for Level 2 and 3, creators can set the maximum number of views allowed.

And of course, if a document is accidentally sent to the wrong person it can be expired immediately or at any time after it’s sent; for the recipient, “Access Denied” appears instead of the document. 

To avoid sharing to external email addresses, creators can also restrict the document to a specific domain, or domains, which s especially useful for “Internal Use” documents that should be kept internal. 

With levels 2 and 3, creators can add screen-capture identifiers to the shared document, which imprints the recipient’s name into the document should they use “Print Screen” or other Screen Capture software. This can deter further sharing, as readers visually see that if they were to share a snapshot of any one page or part of a page, they would be at risk of the leak being easily traced.

Protections for Printing

With Protect, restricted printing capability is a default setting, but for those that can be printed, using the Redact workflow, users can ensure any Personal Identifiable Information is hidden before it’s printed.

Other Workflow Central Capabilities

Users can  create an automated workflow to monitor for key documents that should always be kept secure. As soon as these documents arrive in the chosen cloud folder or email inbox, the automated workflow applies the “Protect” workflow in the background, without any user intervention.

For more information about Xerox’s Workflow Central, visit the company here.

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