RISO Launches New Cut-Sheet Light-Production Inkjet Printers

RISO ComColor GL7430

On November 30th, RISO, Inc. added two new models to its cut-sheet inkjet printer series, the ComColor GL7430 and  GL9730, with both now available for purchase in North America.

The new ComColor GL7430 is a five-color cut sheet inkjet printer rated at up 140 ppm – faster than the previous model that’s rated at 130 ppm. RISO says additional changes to the inks for the GL series result in an increased color gamut, particularly in the yellow range, which allows for more accurate color reproductions.

The new ComColor GL9730 is said to be among RISO’s fastest inkjet printers, and is rated at up to 165 ppm. It’s  designed specifically for high print volumes, with non-stop operation.

Oil-Based Inks

RISO notes that it’s the only provider of oil-based ink inkjet printers on the market, and that oil-based inks don’t require output drying or de-curling, which results in a shorter paper path and faster throughput. With oil-based inks, printed pages are also delivered cold, dry, and flat. 

New EFI Controller

Both models can be paired with a variety of document-feeding and finishing accessories. A new processing RIP (controller) from Electronics for Imaging (EFI) features a 26-percent increase in processing speed, allowing for  faster turnaround time.

Visit RISO here for more information and complete specifications for the ComColor GL7430, and here for the ComColor GL9730

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