RISO Launches New Color-Inkjet Production-Printer Series

On August 19th, RISO KAGAKU of Tokyo, Japan, launched a new cut-sheet production-printer series, called  VALEZUS, which is designed for the production-printing market.

RISO says it will start with successive roll-outs worldwide of the new brand’s first model, the VALEZUS T2100, a high-speed, 320 ppm cut-sheet printer.

According to RISO, one of its strengths is its development of inks optimized for high-speed paper feeding and high-speed printing. It says this expertise enables it to deliver unique printing solutions for high-volume printing.


The first model in the new series, the VALEZUS T2100, is a high-speed, full-color cut-sheet inkjet printer. By connecting printer engines to print on the front and back sides of media, the VALEZUS T2100 achieves fast double-sided printing speed of 320 ppm. RISO also says the VALEZUS T2100 offers a compact footprint for a production printer, as well as superior ease of use and maintenance.

Applications include high-volume transactional printing at print service providers, and  in-house printing at financial institutions, insurance companies, and government offices.

RISO will show the VALEZUS T2100 at the “The Print Show 2019” being held from September 17 to 19 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and at “PRINTING United 2019” being held from October 23 to 25 in Dallas, Texas.

The VALEZUS T2100 will be available this fall in North America and Europe, with launch dates in Japan and elsewhere in Asia to be determined.

The VALEZUS T2100’s specifications include: 

  • Print at up to 320 ppm (continuous printing of A4-size paper with long-edge feed on standard settings) or at 19,200 pages per hour (not including cleaning time). Because the VALEZUS T2100 is a cut sheet printer, RISO says it can easily handle short-run jobs as well, enabling speedy processing of a diverse range of jobs.
  • Newly developed high-capacity feeder/stacker units that enable paper loading/unloading during continuous printing: the VALEZUS T2100 is equipped with two high-capacity feeder/stacker units, each capable of feeding and stacking up to 4,000 sheets (for a total of 8,000 sheets). The two units can be switched while the printer is active, allowing users to load/unload paper without stopping the job. Also, the stacker unit is equipped with a jogger mechanism and dedicated cart, enabling smooth transition to post-processing after printing. The feeder/stacker units are scheduled to be available in the spring of 2020.
  • Compatible with PDF, PostScript as well as with AFP/IPDS.
  • Oil-based ink provides environmentally friendly printing, as require lo energy consumption: the VALEZUS T2100 incorporates an inkjet system that uses  oil-based inks ensuring energy-saving operation. Oil-based inks contribute to energy-saving because there’s need for ink-drying heaters, which are required with water-based inks. These oil-based inks also consume less energy than toner-based technologies, as no heat-fixing process is required.

Other specifications



Print Type

Line-type inkjet system (drop on-demand)

Ink Type

Oil-based pigment ink (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Gray)

Print Speed *1

Duplex: 320 ppm, Simplex: 160 ppm (A4 LEF, Letter LEF)




Black: 600 x 600 dpi

Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Gray: 300 x 300 dpi


Black: 600 x 600 dpi

Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Gray: 300 x 600 dpi

Paper Size

Double Tray Feeder

Max: 330.2mm x 465mm (13” x 18.3”)

Min: 148mm x 210mm (5.9” x 8.3”)

Feed Tray

Max: 297mm x 432mm (11.6” x 17.0”)

Min: 182mm x 210mm (7.2” x 8.3”)

Paper Weight

Double Tray Feeder

46gsm to 210gsm (12-lb bond to 56-lb bond)

Feed Tray

52gsm to 104gsm (14-lb bond to 28-lb bond)

Paper Tray


Double Tray Feeder

4,000 sheets x 2 trays*2 (Height up to 440mm [17.3”])

Feed Tray

500 sheets x 3 trays*2 (Height up to 56mm [2.2”])

Output Tray


Double Tray


4,000 sheets x 2 trays *2*(Height up to 440mm [17.3”])

Power Consumption

Maximum: 3,010W

Dimensions (W x D x H)

4,755mm x 750mm x 1,445mm

(187.2” x 29.6” x 56.9”)

*1 When using plain paper and recycled paper (85 gsm [23-lb bond]), and standard density setting.
*2 When using plain paper and recycled paper (85 gsm [23-lb bond]).
*3 When short edge is less than 182mm or long edge is less than 257mm, Max capacity is 1,000 sheets.

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