New Nuance Workflow Solutions for Healthcare Documents Workflows More Efficient, Secure

Nuance Communications today announced a suite of workflow solutions designed to make document workflows in the healthcare industry more efficient and secure.

The firm says that using these workflows, healthcare organizations can provide better patient care, increase billing accuracy and timeliness, enhance EHR (electronic health records) documentation accuracy, increase referrals, and provide compliance with U.S. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and other regulations.

The solutions include:

Patient onboarding and discharge – Many hospitals strive for paperless or “paper-light” environments. Yet organizations that have achieved late-stage Meaningful Use still process and print high volumes of clinical and financial documents every day. Each step in the process may create opportunities to lessen data integrity or create security issues. By integrating documentation workflows with an organization’s Electronic Health Records management systems, the EHR Patient Onboarding and Discharge Workflow provides:

  • Simplified EHR print management;
  • Secure and compliant environment for paper-based clinical documentation process, and
  •  Improved patient care experience through faster delivery and more complete clinical documentation.

Outpatient documentation – Nuance notes that outpatient and clinical departments can create challenges for documenting a patient’s complete history. Patients arrive at the clinic or hospital with personal, referral, and possible on-scene accident and in-route treatment documentation. All of these documents have to be coordinated and added to the patient;s Electronic Health Record – a complicated and time-consuming effort.

With Nuance’s Outpatient Document Management Workflow, however, organizations can:

  • Reduce time spent reconciling patient documentation and increase time spent with patients;
  • Increase billing accuracy and timeliness, and
  • Increase accuracy of the patient Electronic Health Record.

Secure and compliant printing – Individuals, organizations, and agencies that meet the definition of a covered entity under HIPAA must comply with the rules and requirements to protect healthcare information’s privacy and security, as well as provide individuals with certain rights regarding their healthcare information.

To assist organizations with their compliance with regulations governing the protection of patient information in their printing environment, Nuance’s Secure and Compliant Print Workflow:

  • Assists in creating and managing secure and compliant healthcare workflows;
  • Enforces secure-sign on to device with a mobile connection, and
  • Tracks and reports workflow usage.

For more information about document workflow solutions from Nuance, visit Nuance document management solutions for healthcare.

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