New Lexmark Pharmacy Order Assistant Minimizes Outdated Fax Communications

Expanding its suite of solutions for automating document-workflow in vertical segments, Lexmark International today announced Lexmark Pharmacy Order Assistant, a software solution that it says fills the paper-based gaps in pharmacy-order workflows, allowing users to process complex, paper-based pharmacy orders from their existing Lexmark smart copier/MFPs for increased accuracy, speed, and safety.

Lexmark Pharmacy Order Assistant is designed to enable clinicians to process the complex paper orders that fall outside the CPOE system, replacing the standard fax process with one that converts handwritten forms into digital files. By leveraging the Lexmark Smart MFP, the solution simplifies routing and tracking, and allows the pharmacy order to be accessible electronically. As a result, the order can be retrieved and reviewed by all required parties, for better collaboration and increased visibility across the organization.

To help ensure patient privacy, Pharmacy Order Assistant uses a closed-loop, controlled process designed to secure sensitive patient information from the beginning. Through digitization, Lexmark says the solution helps prevent document loss and misuse, and helps ensure that only those approved staff are able to access them. The solution can also serve as a back-up to CPOE should that application be down.

Users can add customizable icons to the Lexmark MFP’s touchscreen for orders, scheduling requests, or cases to simplify and tailor usage.

Lexmark introduced its original Pharmacy Order Management software in 2005. The 2018 solution is based on a second-generation technology with the underlying framework being used in top Global 2000 corporations.

Key features include:

  • Simplified review and collaboration: Facilitate easier order review and communication among hospital staff and pharmacists through image enhancement, order tracking, and
    increased access and visibility.
  • Streamlined orders management: Route manual orders to their appropriate department destination through a simple closed-loop application that runs on the MFP.
  • Pediatric order protection: Apply automated checks that look at the birth date of the patient and highlight pediatric orders in a different color.
  • Customizable icons: Add icons to the MFP touchscreen for orders, scheduling requests or cases to simplify and tailor usage to your specific needs.

For more information on Lexmark Pharmacy Order Assistant, visit Lexmark here, and here for more information on Lexmark Healthcare Solutions.

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