New KODAK Document Management Platform with Blockchain Security

Earlier this month, KODAK Services for Business hosted a two-day conference at which it introduced KODAK Scan Cloud, a new cloud-based scanning solution, and KODAK Document Management Platform, the latter of which uses Blockchain technology to ensure the safety and security of information.

KODAK Document Management Platform

KODAK Document Management Platform provides cloud-based storage, management, tracking, and, using blockchain technology, secure distribution of content throughout an organization.

Blockchain technology is designed to protect documents and images and enable “unhackable” public records. That’s because with blockchain technology, which is the foundation of digital currency such as Bitcoin, digital information can be distributed but not copied. As notes, that means “each individual piece of data can only have one owner.”

This isn’t the first time that Kodak has employed blockchain technology. Last year, it introduced KODAKCoin, which was designed to work track and protect image copyrights online.

Visit Kodak here for more information on its new Document Management Platform.

KODAK Scan Cloud

The KODAK Scan Cloud solution is designed for captured, managing, and delivering critical data. Here’s how it works:

  • Users – a customer or Kodak staff- scan documents via copier/MFPs, desktop or production scanners, and.or mobile devices to a cloud-based destination.
  • Scanning can be performed on-site or at at Kodak’s operation centers worldwide.
  • Digital images are stored securely in the Kodak Cloud.
  • Digital information can be provided in these formats: XML, CSV, Excel, etc., or direct to the customer’s applications, such as workflow systems, DMS, or a database.

KODAK Services for Business will handle the manual setup for the customer’s  Scan Cloud needs, including annual software maintenance and operational system upgrades.

Document and data scanning can be handled by the customer or by KODAK Services for Business, which can provide the resources, hardware, software, storage, and manpower required for scanning.

KODAK Document Management Platform is said to be an actual Kodak product and not licensed from a third party.

For more information, visit Kodak here.

For more information about KODAK Services for Business and its solutions, visit Kodak here.

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