Kofax Launches Next Generation of Printix


Kofax, a provider of Intelligent Automation solutions for digital-workflow transformation, today announced the latest edition of Printix, its cloud-based print-management Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that eliminates the need for print servers. 

Printix supports Single Sign-on (SSO) with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and can be deployed with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. The product is said to be scalable by design and can handle any number of users, printers, and MFPs) for  direct, secure printing, mobile printing, and document-capture workflows.

“This edition of Printix completely eliminates print servers from network infrastructure and replaces them with a secure, cloud-managed print infrastructure with next-generation integrated capture,” explained Rod Hughes, vice president of Product Strategy at Kofax. “This significantly reduces on-premises infrastructure costs, services, support and maintenance fees, freeing up resources that organizations can reallocate toward innovation that helps move their business forward.”

Key features of the latest edition of Kofax Printix include:

  • Next-generation capture and workflow. MFP and mobile users can scan or capture documents to the Printix Cloud or to their own cloud storage and generate PDFs with embedded OCR results, or Microsoft Word DOCX-formatted documents to submit to email, Microsoft SharePoint Online, or Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Simplified print management. Printix Administrator allows organizations to centrally manage printers from Web browsers and connect new printers from a smartphone, tablet or computer in just minutes.
  • Print anywhere and Print-later capabilities. Users can release documents from the Printix App when they arrive at the printer, or release documents to a printer anytime with the Print Later feature.
  • Automatic printer discovery. Printix allows users to automatically discover the print network and integrate printers and drivers, or deploy and remove printers and print queues when users change.
  • Enhanced Microsoft integration. Printix supports full integration with Microsoft Azure AD, including deployment with EndPoint Manager and Single Sign-On providing confidence for users, while removing IT and administration overhead.
  • Full support for all network printers. Complete independent and multi-vendor support for an organization’s mixed fleet of devices, enabling users to print to any printer from any device.

To learn more about Kofax Printix’s new release features, visit the company here.

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