Ink On Our Fingers–Let the Testing Begin!

CYMK Fingers

We are pleased to announce a significant new product to add to our portfolio of services found on the Wirth Consulting Web site – Hands-On Test Reports.

If you’ve visited this blog, in the last month or so, you’ve probably noticed that there hasn’t been a new post for quite some time.  This is because I was busy developing a test program and a report format for our new Hands-On Test Reports.

Hands-On Test Reports contain tested performance data as well as useful photos of the device and screen shots of the software.  Each report will be freely viewable (but not printable) and can be unlocked by via the purchase of distribution rights.  Initially, we will concentrate on testing the business-to-business (B2B) and small/mid-size business (SMB) market segments in our facility, and plan to eventually move upwards and evaluate office/dealer digital-imaging products.  This step will involve on-site testing at a location designated by the equipment vendor.

Following is a description of the methodology that we will use.  You can view the complete version here.


  • Wirth Consulting always uses best testing practices (such as those described in various ASTM standards) when testing. All testing is performed under controlled conditions with a stabilized network, and a “clean” PC with latest service packs and all application-software updates installed.
  • Wirth Consulting evaluators have decades of experience in the testing and evaluation of all types of office products, in particular networked, digital-imaging products.   We have managed test programs, as well as personally tested and evaluated hundreds of devices, ranging from desktop printers to office MFPs and light-production systems (monochrome and color).  As evaluators, we both test the device and compose and produce the test report.


Office products are delivered and set-up by dealers.  For B2B and some SMB products, Wirth Consulting records the procedures and time it requires for our evaluators to:

  1. Remove the components from the packaging and install the hardware and imaging supplies.
  2. Install the device on the wired network.
  3. Install software utilities and print drivers on a single PC.
Installing a test unit’s print head.
Installing a test unit’s duplex unit.
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