FYI: Wirth Consulting DOES NOT Sell Awards

I had a typical “how’s business?” conversation with a well-respected business associate today.  After we exchanged niceties, he asked me “What is your business model?  How do you generate your revenue?”  Afterwards, it occurred to me that maybe we should explain this to our readers and customers as well.

In case you didn’t realize, you can view, but not print, a vast majority of the content found on the Wirth Consulting Web site, which includes What You Should Know (WYSK) Product Evaluations and Head2Head (H2H) Comparison Reports.  Should an individual be interested in obtaining printable reports, they can be purchased via credit-card for personal consumption or commercial use.

Also available are packages that include a What You Should Know Evaluation, the corresponding Head2Head Comparison Report and the Winner Gold Medals (if any) for “Overall Performance,”  “Lowest TCO” and “Lowest CPP.”

Aren’t Winner Gold Medals awards?  No.  Winner Gold Medals are earned, not awarded.  The bottom line is that Wirth Consulting earns its revenue by requesting payment from those who wish to use our products for commercial distribution purposes, and that’s only fair.  Everybody else can enjoy the fruits of our labor for free.

Terry Wirth