Hands-On Test Report, Photos, and Video: Another Outstanding A3 All-in-One from Brother, the INKvestment MFC-J5920dw

Image Quality (Continued)

The ability to print color scales and fine text was competitive with that of recently tested printers, both toner- and ink-based.

Copy quality was particularly good for a desktop All-in-One.

Photos displayed realistic color, good detail, and no banding. Interestingly, the unit produced better photo quality than the MFC-J6925dw even though they both share the same ink and inking system.

When drops of distilled water were placed at the intersection of the four colored boxes and on the capital letter “D” in the text, the pigment-based black ink did not run, while the dye-based CYM inks did run. However, there was no evidence of smearing of any ink colors when a highlighter was applied.

Overall, image quality was good in both print and copy modes. Black text quality was readable down to 4 pt. font size, and was sharp and clear. Image quality also displayed good resolution and fine-line reproduction, as well as very good dot (pixel) control. The system was also able to competitively produce the black, cyan, and magenta halftone gradations in our test target and there were no image anomalies such as mis-registration, poor fill, broken text, etc. However, as seen above, there were water-fastness issues with the CYM dye-based inks, but the black pigment-based ink was not affected by exposure to distilled water.  (Note: All image-quality evaluations were based on a visual examination of the printed images themselves, not on the RAW TIFF images shown.)