ECI Software Solutions Acquires Data-Analytics Companies

Texas-based ECI Software Solutions, which provides cloud-based business management solutions, today announced that it’s acquired Data Inventions, Inc. and Lojic LLC for undisclosed sums.

Data Inventions, which is based in Erie, Pennsylvania, is a maker of a data-connectivity and manufacturing intelligence platform called Alora. Lojic, which is based in Meadville, Pennsylvania, is the maker of a customizable visualization and data-analytics solution that helps manufacturers create and display  real-time insights across operations.

Together, Alora and Lojic connect and analyze data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) business systems and from a variety of shop-floor data sources, and also visualize production performance in real-time. The result is said to provide operators and management with insights to significantly improve operating performance.

Alora integrates out-of-the-box with ECI’s JobBOSS, JobBOSS2, M1 and Macola ERP systems, while Lojic integrates with ECI’s JobBOSS.

ECI says its customers can take advantage of the Alora and Lojic benefits with ECI implementation, training, and support. To help accelerate adoption, ECI plans to invest in the Alora and Lojic solutions along with continued market education and customer strategies.

“Manufacturers are still just learning how valuable data-driven business intelligence can be for their operations, and we believe the combination of the Data Inventions’ Alora and Lojic manufacturing intelligence platforms have the power to become ubiquitous in the industry,” said Trevor Gruenewald, CEO of ECI. “Through our product integrations, we’ve seen firsthand how much manufacturers can benefit from a more complete view of operations and a higher level of business intelligence. We’re excited to make Alora and Lojic a part of our product portfolio and enable widespread adoption.”

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