Y Soft’s be3D is First Desktop 3D Printer that Can be Manged with Y Soft’s SafeQ Print-Management Solution

be3D eDee

    YSoft be3D eDee

Y Soft, which markets the YSoft SafeQ enterprise print-management, workflow, and accounting solution, is introducing the YSoft be3D eDee (eDee), a desktop 3D printer that can integrated with YSoft SafeQ. Y Soft says SafeQ provides reduced print-services costs, increased document security and improved productivity, so that customers can now obtain the benefits of print management across their entire 2D- and 3D-printer fleets.

According to Y Soft, its SafeQ suite of modular on-premise or cloud-hosted solutions are deployed in large companies and SMB organizations around the world. It says its be3D 3D printers provide a reliable, high quality, auto-calibrating solution that saves time, reduces prototyping costs, and enhances 3D-printing productivity. The be3D is said to be particularly useful for the education market, as educational institutions are increasingly adopting fleets of 3D printers and making them available to students and staff on campus-wide networks.

Onvia, a research company that tracks government-purchasing contracts including those in education, notes that: “Teaching with 3D printers will be the norm. In 2016, the amount of 3D-printing purchases continue to grow as these printers are accepted as an essential part of school makers paces and as prices for the printers continue to fall.”

The firm notes that as a networked resource, 3D printers bring similar challenges to conventional 2D printers that image on paper, including understanding the total time/3D-material cost per print job; access control/door locks to prevent object being taken, or the print job stopped by another student; and efficient workflows to access available 3D printers or reprint a 3D object.

The be3D eDee printer features a fully automated, enclosed desktop build space, 7-inch touch screen panel, and print bed auto-calibration. It’ll be available in the second quarter via Y Soft’s global network of channel partners. For more information, visit Y Soft here.

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