Xerox to Mass-Produce Hand Sanitizer

Earlier this month, Xerox announced it would be mass-producing ventilators for COVID-19 patients. Now, today it reports that it’s leveraging its manufacturing capabilities and in-house materials expertise to produce approximately 140,000 gallons of hand sanitizer by June 2020, an initiative focused on helping to save lives during the current global health crisis.

First deliveries are expected by the  end of month – just a few weeks from concept to market. Xerox will produce the sanitizer at its facilities in Toronto and near Rochester, New York, distributing the product to resellers who are approved vendors to frontline healthcare organizations.

“This is a time for every company, every person, to look at what they can do to help society,” commented John Visentin, Xerox CEO and vice chairman. “Essentials like hand sanitizer will continue to be in high demand. The team moved fast, figured out how to get over the hurdles and are starting to deliver product – all in under a month.”

This initiative follows Xerox’s announcement earlier this month that it is partnering with Vortran Medical Technology to speed and scale production of the GO2Vent ventilator and related Airway Pressure Monitor (APM-Plus) for hospitals and emergency response units fighting the battle against COVID-19.

The company plans to make hand sanitizer for as long as there is a demand. To learn more about Xerox’s response to COVID-19, visit Xerox here.

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