This Week in Imaging: Why Print Matters – Then and Now

While we all hear a lot of negative talk about print – from recalcitrant printers that sometimes won’t print, to the cost of supplies – we were reminded this week of the great contributions print has made to the human race, which wouldn’t be where it is today without print.

Let’s start with the Gutenberg Press, invented in 1440 Germany by Johanes Gutenberg, and which led to the democratization of knowledge in Western Europe, and which arguably made democracy possible. Early in 8th century China, moveable type had also been developed, which led to printed books and the dissemination of knowledge in the 800s.

More recently, 3D printing, which is based on 2D inkjet printing, continues to advance, ushering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which includes, among other things, artificial intelligence and 3D printing. Benefits include print-on-demand of manufacturing parts, saving on the costs of stock-piling parts, and printing only parts that are needed, as well as fast production of parts for the healthcare industry.

Other benefits of 3D printing include housing for those around the world suffering extreme poverty. This week, Fast Company reported on non-profit organization New Story, which is 3D printing homes for those in need.

3D-printed homes in Mexico Photo: Joshua Perez/courtesy New Story

These homes were 3D-printed by 3D-printer company Icon’s Vulcan II. The first two homes were built in 24 hours over a total of two days. The people who will inhabit them will be moving from dilapidated shacks to modern homes with plumbing and indoor restrooms.

So the next time someone maligns print, let them know that print has made possible immense advancements for the human race – and is continuing to do so.

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