This Week in Imaging: “Can you turn that printer down?” Security the New ‘Speeds-and-Feeds’

Photo credit: Kathy Wirth

By far, the most interesting news this week was HP’s new home printer, the AMP 100, which features Bluetooth speakers that are used to stream music and sound from any Bluetooth-capable device, prompting one of the folks at HP to tell us, “It’s the first time I’ve ever had to say, ‘Can you turn that printer down?'”

The AMP 100’s ability to play music (or news, etc., depending on your preference, as well as play your smartphone’s calls) seems to pretty much limit it to home use. But there may be some office use too. How about an office printer/MFP that streams business news or relaxing music to soothe frazzled office workers?

With Sharp’s announcement this week that it’s the first manufacturer to receive certification for the new Hardcopy Device Protection Profile v1.0, I think we can be pretty sure that the era of using “speeds and feeds” for selling copier/MFPs is pretty much coming to a close at this point. While print speed is still going to be important, virtually everyone now has office printers and MFPs that print sufficiently fast enough (including business-inkjet players HP and Epson). Print speed will still however be critical in commercial and production printing, where fast or slow print speeds clearly mean time and money.

We’re also likely now to see other vendors seeking this certification for security – just as, back in the day, everyone was scrambling to get Energy Star certification for energy conservation (more recently with EPEAT ratings). We predict some folks are probably also getting awards ready for security, so hang on to your hats (and checkbooks).

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