Staples Extends ‘Staples Connect’ Brand to Retail Stores

In response to the massive shift in how its customers work and learn due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Staples US Retail announced today that it will extend its Staples Connect brand to all Staples stores. It’s also introducing 40 new products designed with an eye for remote workers, along with a new user interface at

Staples first introduced the Staples Connect brand in February 2020 in the Greater Boston market.

Examples of some of the new products designed to support remote working that are now available in Staples stores and through Instacart include a new all33 BackStrong C1 Ergonomic Office Chair and Productivity Cube.

New remote-work solutions for small businesses include the iPostal1 digital mailbox service to register a Staples Connect location as a business address, receive mail, create a more professional image and protect customer privacy.

Staples Stores CEO Mike Motz commented: “Over the past year, Staples customers experienced a monumental shift in the way they work and learn, so we began our search for products to support and inspire them. We identified entrepreneurs and makers to secure a unique assortment of items that will improve new working and learning experiences for students, entrepreneurs, small business owners and remote workers across the country.”

Staples Connect is also introducing its first-ever home office makeover sweepstakes, #RemoteOfficeRedo, to promote the Connect brand.

For more information about new products available at Staples Connect for working and learning, visit

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