Square 9 Softworks’ Document-Capture Solution Harnesses Artificial Intelligence

On January 20th, Square 9 Softworks, a Connecticut-based provider of business digital transformation solutions, announced a new product offering that takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate document capture and data extraction.

The new offering, called TransformAI (TAI), captures data from documents by intelligently discerning the identity and location of information on each page and completely forgoes the use of template-based data extraction. According to Square 9, this will save customers thousands of dollars on professional services during system implementation alone, while reducing the number of human touch points necessary to capture document information.

TAI is also fully compatible with the modular workflow system Square 9 has developed for its document-capture platform. While use cases for Capture AI are currently focused on Accounts Payable and receipt processes, Square 9 says the success it’s garnered through its early adopters program suggests that it will quickly become the preferred method of capture for those processes.

“This is game-changing technology,” commented Stephen Young, Square 9’s President and CEO. “The speed and accuracy of this product and the fact that customers aren’t limited to templates makes it an extremely alluring option for capturing Accounts Payable documents.”

For more information on Square 9’s GlobalCapture, which uses TransformAI, visit Square 9 here.