Some Dealer-Channel Digital Imaging Vendors Are Finally Coming Around To B2B—Who Is And Who Isn’t?

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  1. Adem says:

    Just had a little coapmny bring in a new Sharp MX-3110N. Within 2 hours of initial setup at the office, a fuser roller’s sleeve self-destructed. That was *after* the Sharp-prescribed method of adding the MX-3110N via Apple’s Mac OS 10.6.x Snow Leopard System Preferences Printing IPP proved to *not* work. On a hunch, the LPD method of installation did work; and Bonjour also worked; so eventually printing in color and on both sides REAL DUPLEX was achieved! Yet, the more frustrating feature, or not a feature(?), is the failure of the Address Book in the LCD display when you select it, you *do not* see a list of the contacts / entries that you have entered by way of using an Internet browser connected over your office LAN to the MX-3110N. That’s correct; the entries show in the Internet browser, but not in the Sharp’s LCD display go figure. It’s June 2011, and we are hoping that some firmware update will resolve that, sometime this summer.

    • Terry Wirth says:

      Thanks for the report! The address book feature is dessigned to work with network address books only. Most netork printers do not play nice with Web mail and you have to build an address book manually on the device either from the control panel or embedded web server.