Seven Key Benefits of a Managed Print Services Program

The folks at PrintFleet have just published a guide to the key benefits of a managed print services (MPS) program that concisely summarizes how an MPS program can make print fleets more secure and cost-effective:

“Enabling a Managed Print Services Solution at a customer location can be challenging. However, an MPS program is designed to help your customers – or you as an end-user – meet your overall business objectives and goals, all while helping to streamline your overall business efficiency.

With the help of Photizo‘s Whitepaper, “A CXO’s Guide to Managed Print Services”, we have compiled a list of 7 key benefits of an MPS program that can help you win that business with your customers!

Here are 7 key benefits of an MPS program:

1. Printer Fleet reduction – meaning fewer devices deployed across the enterprise

2. Reduction in printer volume – fewer pages printed without negatively effecting business process

3. Improved security – this includes enforcing user authentication before print jobs are released, tracking user activity

4. Control and accountability – accurately allocate costs in order to capture information including billing activity, as well as analyze departmental and individual usage patterns

5. Environmental benefits – including lower paper usage, lower electrical consumption and recycle toner cartridges

6. Eliminate IT workload – by reducing IT resources being used for print related issues

7. Utilize powerful software – schedule a free demo with one of our MPS experts to find out how an MPS program can help increase your overall business efficiency!”

For more information, visit PrintFleet here.