Samsung on the First Android OS-Powered Printers

From the Samsung blog:

12172014“Very intuitive and easy”

“We are very excited about the introduction of more apps for printers and how they will boost productivity even further.”

“The external design is memorable, with a sleek and sophisticated look and feel, and the Smart UX Center interface is truly impressive.”

 Don’t just take our word for it; the recent launch of our Smart MultiXpress Multifunction Printer (MFP) series to customers and partners has been the world-first and excitements. It’s the world’s first printer that is to be powered by Android™ OS on its tablet operation panel called Smart UX Center; and it’s proving to be a true game-changer. Against a backdrop of speculation, the newly launched Smart MultiXpress range is confirming itself by substantiating smart usability that allows users to work faster, more efficiently and cost efficiently. The printers are not only meeting business demands and are delivering a printing experience that everyone has been waiting for, but also has exceeded our customers’ expectations.

The proof is in the Android pudding

In the three months since launch, we’ve been busy talking to customers and partners to find out what they think of the realities of printing from an Android user interface. The Smart MultiXpressfeatures a color touchscreen of 10 inches that is coupled with haptic feedback. The dual feature allows the machine to print directly from in-bound software such as web browsers, mapping applications and email clients without the need of PC. It also has functions for previewing, editing, and annotating for an added convenience. We’re pleased to say that feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve broken down into five key areas.

 1. Easy and Simple Setup and installation

Extremely simple and easy installation process has drastically reduced the overall set up time.Light weight, compact size and sleek design of the printer helped service professionals to move the device more quickly with fewer burdens. Also, unlike other MFPs on the market, Samsung Printing Solutions has pre-assembled the Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) and Smart UX Center, a 10 inch color touch screen operation panel that is powered by Android™ OS, on to the device for the users’ convenience. This eliminates separate time previously needed to install these parts. Thus, the overall set up time has notably reduced, as well as the cost generated otherwise through longer installation time.

2. Intuitive User Interface

The Intuitive UI (user interface) really proved itself with the customers after their trial. Due to the familiarity of Android™ OS through their everyday use of smartphones and tablets, customers were happy to find it from a printer, an office device which predominantly perceived as one of the most difficult devices to use. Also, this intuitive interface provided easy accessibility and navigation among widgets and apps allowing fuller utilization of various functions and features available.

3. Powerful Hardware

The DSDF performance was rated as outstanding – no paper jams and no skewed outcomes of the paper, whilst remaining fast and quiet to operate. The quality of color print and longevity of the drum, toner and other supplies gives overall durability and stability for businesses.

4. Cutting-Edge Software

Our customers were amazed about the wide opportunities that the new display concept offers. They showed interest particularly in customization and how to improve workflows and install easy-to-use shortcuts (my programs). The preview function for scanning, and the one-touch scanning functions were considered especially excellent productivity measures by our customers. There functions saved time and gained convenience. Various smart software functions and solutions in the Smart MultiXpress certainly minimized any redundant manual works, and therefore increased the convenience and productivity. Also, the high quality output truly satisfied our customers. For instance, quality for CAD blueprints was rated as absolutely outstanding.

5. Sophisticated Body, Attractive Design

Our customers rated our Smart MultiXpress’ design as simple, elegant and sophisticated, while bigger operation panel (Smart UX Center) made the overall design even more appealing, deemed the game changer. The size and design were perfect for the office layout and interior design, lifting the overall atmosphere. According to our customers, it is simply simple, clean-cut and pleasant.

 Printers have a life of their own

With Samsung Printing Solutions’ new Smart MultiXpress series powered by Android™ OS’ intuitive user interface and a host of easy to use, productivity enhancements; it is now easier than ever to see how printers have a life of their own, detached from the dependence of PCs. The Smart UX Center gives users the ability to print from any device with ease, and the prospect of further productivity enhancements via software and apps. Purchasing, adapting and integrating MultiXpress series printers into an organisation is assurance of style, productivity, a low Total Cost Ownership (TCO) and ease of volume printing, scanning and copying. We think our customers say it best:

“The arrival of AndroidTM operating system in ‘print’ version is not just an advantage: in addition to the technologies that we have introduced over the years, such as Wi-Fi Direct, mobile and print the NFC, it is now possible to consider a printer as an object with a life, detached from the dependence of a computer.” – Antonino Caffo – Data Manager at