Samsung: How to Take the Rage out of Printing

Samsung Printing Solutions – now a part of HP Inc. – discusses in the following blog post how to make printing “less infuriating” – discussing how its printers and copier/MFPs minimize paper jams, provide fast document scanning, and more:

“’Rage rooms’ have become all the rage these days, and an increasingly popular team-building exercise for offices that are fed up with unreliable tech.

The premise is simple; patrons don protective gear before entering a reinforced room filled with fragile objects for them to satisfyingly smash. As fun as this ‘therapy’ may seem, however, as Psychology Today points out, conditioning ourselves to respond to stress with aggression can be quite harmful. The more effective path to stress relief is to address the problem directly. In this case, outfit the office with tech that won’t perpetually push your employees’ buttons.

It should come as no surprise that office printers are often at the receiving end of this aggression. Samsung’s multi-function printers (MFPs), however, are built to bring serenity to common – and stressful – printing problems.

Paper Jams

As illustrated to hilarious effect in the classic cult comedy ‘Office Space,’ a perpetually jamming printer can really get people’s blood boiling.

Of course, on top of stoking employees’ ire, paper jams are notorious for stifling productivity. Fortunately, Samsung’s MFPs, including the MultiXpress 7 (MX7) series and the new ProXpress M4560FX, feature a range of solutions specifically designed to combat jams – helping to ensure that the printers run smoothly, and that your workforce remains happy and productive.

Samsung Solutions for Infuriating Office Printing Problems

These features include Pre-Regi Control, which helps to correctly align your printing paper before initiating a job, and Easy Jam Control, which lets you quickly and easily remove stuck sheets when a jam occurs. For more information on how Samsung’s printers reduce jams (and their associated headaches), check out this comprehensive rundown.

Loooooong Wait Times

As the saying goes, ‘opportunity waits for no one.’ Savvy enterprises don’t have time to waste waiting on their tech, for fear of sacrificing productivity or letting a valuable opportunity slip away.

Samsung Solutions for Infuriating Office Printing Problems

Samsung’s ProXpress M4560FX, in particular, was designed to reduce wait times and help you get the job done faster. In addition to featuring an advanced Dual Scan Document Feeder that provides ultra-high duplex scanning speeds (to the tune of 60 double-sided images per minute), the printer has been souped-up with a powerful 1.5 GHz Quad-Core CPU that allows it to breeze through prints quickly and easily.

All this firepower means that the ProXpress M4560FX takes just 25 seconds to boot, approximately 23 seconds to wake from sleep mode, and is capable of pumping out up to 45 pages per minute.

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