Review: Business-Class A4 Color Laser/LED Printers – Samsung CLP-620ND is Best in Class

In this Head2Head Comparison of Business-Class A4 Color Laser/LED Printers, we considered that at a minimum, the color printer must have networking and automatic duplex printing. We then considered the advantages of manageability, tracking and control features, as nearly every company wants to manage the higher cost of color printing.

We evaluated the least-expensive printer from every printer vendor that fits our definition of business-class described above. The result was a group of eleven printers that ranged in suggested retail price from $399.99 to $995.00. We found that in spite of this wide price spread, some of the more expensive printers had a low Total Cost of Ownership at higher monthly volumes due to their significantly lower Cost Per Page.

Ultimately we determined that Samsung’s CLP-620ND provided the best mix of build-quality, software, productive features, business-class management controls and Total Cost of Ownership. Highlights include:

  • Low acquisition cost, Cost Per Page and Total Cost of Ownership.
  • PostScript, PCL and Universal print drivers.
  • Secure print and Easy Color Management Utility.
  • SyncThru printer management solution with driver-distribution capabilities.
  • SyncThru Job Accounting plug-in provides user access control and tracking capabilities.
  • Above-average tested image quality.
  • Above average hardware and software ease of use.
  • TonerSave and PowerSave modes.

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