Hands-On Review and Videos: OKI’s C941dn Multimedia Color Printer – Pushing the Envelope of Image Quality with White and Clear Toner

The C941dn is a member of OKI Data’s C900 Multimedia Production Platform series that consists of a range of advanced digital-color printers that are intended for creative and commercial-print applications. These fast, toner-based printers have unusual media-throughput capabilities, and can handle a wide range of media sizes and types. Most noteworthy is that the C941dn model features five developing units that facilitate the production of full-color images that include spot white color and clear overlays.  Thanks to OKI Data Americas, we were able to secure a C941dn test unit and put it through its paces.


  • Print speeds at up to 50 color ppm..
  • Duty cycle of 300,000 pages; 1,200 x 1,200 dpi image resolution.
  • 2 GB of standard memory and an optional 160-GB hard drive.
  • Standard support for Adobe PostScript 3, HP PCL 5C and 6, and XPS printer languages.
  • Standard Gigabit Ethernet networking and automatic duplex printing.
  • Can print on the widest range of media types and weights in the industry, including clear films, polyester, magnets, and stock as thick as 360gsm.
  • Can print on media ranging in size from 3” x 5” cards , Com10 Envelopes, and on up to 13” x 52” banner sheets.
  • Media capacity that can be expanded to six sources with a maximum capacity of 2,950 sheets.
  • Developing units with easy-change toner yield up to 38,000 ISO standard business documents with 5-percent area coverage.
  • Standard job accounting that can track usage by user name and ID for accounting or charge-back purposes.
  • The C931dn and C941dn models can be equipped with an optional EFI Fiery XF 5 server for print professionals that rely on EFI image processing and workflows.
  • The top-of-the-line C941dn has five color developing units that include white and clear spot-color units.

Who are potential customers for the versatile C900 Multimedia Production Platform Series?

  • Advertising, graphic arts, and design departments in companies or schools for short-run color projects.
  • The C941dn model equipped with white or clear gloss toners for design firms, specialty print shops, and large retailers for advanced packaging and signage applications.
  • Clear and color toner-coupled with the C900 series’ ability to print on the widest range of media types in the industry means that there is virtually no color-printing limit.

3 Responses

  1. Joshua Gottesman says:

    who need quality!
    I’m stuck with a lease on a C941e. Yes, the quality is amazing but who needs quality if u are loosing money on every print. First to fill up all ink cartridges is about $800, (the machine only takes originals) and it yield you maybe maybe 2000 12×18’s. how much does Oki think we can sell these print for? now don’t start talking to me about the drums every drum replacement is about $600 which adds up to $2400 its just crazy and it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE. you will loose your pants. I’m now stuck if I don’t use it I’m anyway have to pay the payments not to ruin my credit. so I’m lost either way. again do not buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Terry Wirth says:

      Good information in general folks. Just because a printer is affordable to buy does not mean it is affordable to own. If you research the content on this Web site, we have been railing about this for too long to mention. It also shows that with this particular machine and its unique capabilities, you surely need to price your prints accordingly.

      It appears that the only solution left for Joshua is to forget about the white and clear toners and use his C941e as a typical printer in order to minimize his costs. That also means producing prints in black-only and/or draft modes for archival and internal purposes. He may even want to get rid of other printers that are being used for this purpose in order to shift print volumes and maximize his investment with this printer. Finally, Joshua may want to approach his dealer or a third-party MPS provider and negotiate a fixed and more affordable Cost Per Page.

  2. Saz Shamsi says:

    I had bought a OKI 340ex and stuck with it too as the consumables are so god damn expensive. The dealer was crazy to send his person for any small repair or problems with $150.00 minimum and the whole deal was crazy. I stopped using it, and it is lying as junk in my place. So anyone trying to buy OKI please refrain, if you are from the printing industry.
    The company themselves are least bothered, about the clients problems. You would be better of with Konica, Cannon or even Xerox.
    What Joshua has mentioned is damn right. The other parts are so expensive, in comparison.