Printer, Ink, and Toner Sales Soar at Amazon

Market-research firm One Click Retail reported last week that mega online retailer Amazon’s office-supplies category is on the rise, hitting sales of almost $3 billion in 2017, and that these sales are growing at an over 30-percent rate year-over-year.

According to One Click Retail, printers performed very well for Amazon in 2017, generating over $300 million in estimated sales. These sales are also have said to boosted “high growth in ink, toner, and paper (74%, 51%, and 56%, respectively).”

The two largest office-supplies categories are ink and toner, with One Click Retail noting that “there was higher growth in sales of inkjet as compared to laser printers (26% and 15%, respectively), which correlated to higher growth in ink compared to toner, the study reported.”

The next largest category after ink and toner in the office-supplies category is file folders, binders, labelers, and labeling tape, which had an estimated $330 million in sales in 2017, and a growth rate of 24 percent.

“While leading retail chains struggle to stay afloat, Amazon is seeing strong growth across the board in sales of office appliances, like printers, scanners, and shredders, as well as consumables and office accessories,” commented Nathan Rigby, vice president of sales and marketing for One Click Retail.

“Amazon’s latest efforts in this area, including their upcoming credit card for small business owners, reveals the company’s commitment to finding the same success as a B2B marketplace as they have as a B2C retailer,” Rigby added. “With more and more of the office-product market moving away from brick-and- mortar in favor of Amazon, there’s no better time for brands to embrace it as their primary sales channel.”

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