New Survey Indicates Average Copier-Channel Service Managers Salary is $86,048

Copier Careers has published its annual 2018 Service and Operation Manager Report for the office-equipment industry. This year, 1,995 copier-channel service and operations managers responded to the online survey.

Among the survey’s findings:

  • The average base salary for all service and ops managers rose to $86,048, an increase of 0.9 percent. With an average bonus of $29,755, that brings the average total compensation up to $115,803 in 2018.
  • Service and ops managers reported an average workweek of 64 hours, a three-hour jump from last year. In all, they are working 15 additional hours per week compared to 2004.
  • While 55 percent expressed some level of satisfaction with their overall compensation, only 46 percent were satisfied with their jobs as a whole. This likely contributes to the 32 percent “actively” looking and 66 percent “somewhat” looking for a new position.
  • Employers looking to increase job satisfaction/reduce employee turnover should pay close attention to what matters most to service and ops managers. While factors involving compensation and a solid IT program always top the list, other factors increased significantly in 2018. In particular, “having the tools and support to do my job well” (up 12 percent), knowing “my work is important to the company’s success” (up 26 percent), getting “recognition for work well done” (up 18 percent) and having a “sense of community in my work group” (up 13 percent).

More than three-quarters of survey respondents say they receive bonuses for personal performance and earn stock options. However, only 46 percent are satisfied with their job overall, and 98 percent say they are open to new opportunities.

According to Copier Careers, the relatively low satisfaction could spring from an industry-wide scarcity of qualified job candidates, which forces managers to spend a lot of time recruiting. The willingness to think about changing jobs can be attributed to a red-hot industry rife with opportunities.

Average Service and Operations Manager Base Salary 2006-2018 2006: $70,547 2008: $75,554 2010: $75,795 2012: $78,428 2014: $81,332 2015: $84,161 2016: $84,426 2017: $85,154 2018: $86,048

2018 Service and Operations Manager Salary Survey Average Base Salary by Job Title 2018 All job titles: $86,048 Service Manager: $79,304 Regional Service Manager: $78,877 VP of Service: $86,541 Operations Manager: $92,066 General Manager: $93,464

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