New PrinterLogic Printer-Management Platform Eliminates the Need for Print Servers

printerlogicUtah-based PrinterLogic today launched the latest version of its Web-based PrinterLogic Printer Management platform, which enables businesses of all sizes to eliminate print servers. Regardless of how many offices or employees an organization might have, PrinterLogic says IT staff are now able to centrally manage all printers while eliminating print servers altogether, potentially saving millions per year in print-related costs.

PrinterLogic’s single integrated platform replaces all the functionality that print servers used to provide. It also adds many new features that enable enterprise IT staff to simplify printer management and provisioning, reduce costs, and empower users to install printers themselves, without having to call the IT help desk.

“The simple fact is that the cost, effort, and complexity of traditional print servers are no longer necessary,” commented PrinterLogic President and COO Ryan Wedig. “Most organizations don’t even realize that eliminating print servers is an option. We alleviate printer deployment and maintenance issues in any environment, and in organizations that choose to use PrinterLogic to eliminate their print servers, the ROI can take place in a matter of weeks.”

In today’s release, PrinterLogic is also introducing its new Release Printing Module, which provides pull, follow-me printing, and secure printing for any printer, without being locked into one printer vendor.

As PrinterLogic notes, each year, hundreds of millions of documents are printed and left unclaimed on printers, creating huge waste and expense. And, when these unclaimed documents contain sensitive or confidential information, this also creates a huge security risk. PrinterLogic’s new Release Printing Module secures the print environment by enabling users to send print jobs without releasing them until they are physically at the printer to receive the documents.

The available print-job release mechanisms include:

Browser-Based Release:

  • Any device with a browser – including PCs, Macs, Google Chromebook, and any mobile device – can access PrinterLogic’s Web-based app and release print jobs securely.

Badge/Card Reader Release:

  • A badge reader is placed at the printer, or is native to the printing device. The badge reader integrates with the existing badge system to release the print jobs to the printer associated with the badge.

Printer-Console Release:

  • The PrinterLogic app can be installed directly on a printer, enabling users to log-in and release their print jobs directly from the printer’s control panel. This method does not require any additional hardware for supported devices.

Pull Printing

Pull Printing (also known as Follow Printing) enables users to create print jobs via a universal print driver, giving them the ability to release the print job at any printer of their choice. PrinterLogic’s Pull Printing is compatible with PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, including Google Chromebooks.

Secure Printing

Secure printing enables users to create a print job via a specific print driver and send them to a specified printer, while enabling the user to release the job at the designated printer when they are physically there to receive the print job. By using the printer’s actual driver, all original printer functionality is maintained. PrinterLogic’s Secure Printing is currently available for both PC and Mac environments.

“Previously, most organizations believed they needed to use a print server in order to roll out release-printing functionality – where users print, but don’t release the document until they are at the physical printer to claim it,” says PrinterLogic’s Wedig. “With today’s announcement, organizations can now enable pull printing and secure printing via PrinterLogic – with or without print servers.”

To find a certified partner for the the latest version of PrinterLogic and the new Release Printing Module, contact a PrinterLogic sales representative, or send an email to For more information on PrinterLogic or to start a free trial, contact PrinterLogic here.

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