New Oce PrintSight Software Provides Real-Time Ink-Usage Monitoring

Canon Solutions America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., today launched  new Océ PrintSight software developed by Canon Solutions America. The new software enables print-for-pay commercial printing businesses  to monitor their Océ Arizona, Océ Colorado, and Océ ColorWave printers.

The Océ PrintSight software will enable print-for-pay business owners and their production staff to monitor many aspects of their Océ Arizona, Océ Colorado, and Océ ColorWave printer fleets from anywhere on their networks. Océ PrintSight is said to display a range of data in an intuitive user interface, allowing for real-time reporting on ink usage, media type printed on, square footage printed, print time, machine status, and more.

To help better determine production schedules, machine utilization, and identify the printers that still have capacity should print volumes increase, Océ PrintSight provides the amount of time it takes to print an image. It can also instantly calculate the cost of a job by enabling print providers to enter their ink cost per liter and media cost.

Overall, Canon says the combination of Océ printers and the Océ PrintSight software makes for a valuable addition for print providers interested in quickly and easily knowing exactly what is going on in their production environment. Océ PrintSight is said to provide print-shop owners with information to make informed decisions, allowing them to better utilize their printers and improve profitability while maintaining competitive pricing.

Centralized Monitoring
Océ PrintSight connects to Océ devices via customers’ Ethernet networks, allowing them to quickly identify the printer by name, IP address, and even see individual serial numbers and current status. The Océ PrintSight software can be installed on one or more connected PCs, so that all users can see the data that’s most important to them.

To learn more about Océ PrintSight software, visit the Canon Solutions America website here.

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