New Cortado Cloud App for Mobile Printing; Mobile Printing for 3D Printers on the Way

Cortado_office_buildingVentureBeat reports that Cortado – formerly known as ThinPrint, and headquartered in Germany – will introduce its Cloud Printer app at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat 2014 conference today.

The app, which will be compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, will enable users to “point their device’s camera at a printer, scan a QR code, and print any document stored on their device, email service, or any popular cloud storage locker (Dropbox, Google Cloud, etc.).” VentureBeat says the app works by tapping into a remote database, which contains all print drivers required to print documents correctly.

According to VentureBeat, Cortado also plans to provide mobile printing for 3D printers, although that will be sometime in the future. Conceptually, the 3D-printing app it will work the same way as the 2D-printing app: the user will find a file, point to the printer, and then print.

Cloud Printer will also enable vendors to accept payment for printing services through the app, which could also of course be applied to 3D printers, enabling providers of 3D printers to charge for printing of 3D objects.