New Clover Services Group Provides MPS and Tech Support, Digital Marketing

Maker of OEM-alternative toner and printer/copier supplies and parts Clover Technologies Group reported today that it’s  launched its newest division Clover Services Group. The new division is said to provide a suite of business services designed to engage and attract prospects and provide top-notch support for office-equipment dealers.

According to Clover, an estimated 35 percent of a business’s marketing budget is geared toward digital marketing. This means a more competitive marketing in the digital space. Clover’s Amplify Digital Marketing is said to provide dealers with customized Web content, design, and strategy for the vertical markets they’re targeting, and is said will help them draw in prospects with unique content and design to help their company stand out.

Also offered under the Clover Services Group is Axess Professional Services. Clover’s Axess is said to provide dealers with the tools to sell, implement, and manage a successful managed print services (MPS) program with their customers, providing dealers with training, monitoring, and management of MPS.

The final service in the Clover Group Services Portfolio is a range of products created to handle dealers’ tech-support needs. According to Clover, tech-related problems in a company account for a significant amount of downtime, with issues ranging from paper jams to system errors. Clover’s TechLink 2.0 program is said to help dealers with any support need, and offers training for dealer’s support staff; a branded customer-support desk for business who want to outsource their support services; and a nationwide tech-support dispatch service that will allow dealers to sell and lease to customers all over the country and still be able to provide necessary support.

Luke Goldberg, executive vice president for global sales and marketing at Clover, commented: “We are really excited about the partnerships we are going to build with our dealers by providing them with all of the innovative services they need under one company to help grow their business and increase their profitability. This group is the culmination of years of creating the most comprehensive suite of dealer empowerment services the market has ever seen. We have combined the power of Amplify, Axess and TechLink under one group to drive a completely focused effort to hone in on dealer pain points and growth opportunities all aimed at creating explosive sales, MPS, service and marketing opportunities for our reseller partners.”

To see the full Clover Services Group offering, visit Clover Imaging here.

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