MS Windows 10 Update Causing Printing to Crash

Various sources report that  Microsoft’s latest release for Windows 10, the March 2021 Security Update, has been found to cause some users to experience system crashes when attempting to print from their PC. These crashes are being experienced when printing to devices from many different manufacturers.

The problem is that two Windows 10 Security updates released on March 9th are resulting in serious system crashes (known as BSOD or Blue Screen of Death) when attempting to print.

The Windows 10 updates, KB5000802 and KB5000808, are part of an automatic security update, which are automatically installed on users’ PCs. As a result, may users may experience crashes when they try to print.

Microsoft notes that “After installing this update, you might receive an APC_INDEX_MISMATCH error with a blue screen when attempting to print to certain printers in some apps.”

Microsoft has removed the affected software from future automatic security updates. However, many users have already installed these updates, and must manually uninstall the affected software update.


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