Mopria Releases Next-Gen Scan App

The Mopria Alliance, a global non-profit membership organization providing universal standards and solutions for mobile print and scan, today announced its rollout of the Mopria Scan 1.2 app, available for download from Google Play or at the Mopria website.

The new Mopria Scan 1.2 app is said to provide enhanced, multi-brand usability and mobile scanning.

Mopria Scan also gives Android mobile-device users the ability to save files locally on a mobile device, or send them directly to email, file browsers, document viewers, or cloud services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and more.

Mopria says that Mopria Scan 1.2 delivers the same functionality with Wi-Fi Direct support, as well as many reliability improvements.

With the Mopria Scan app, users can scan from virtually anywhere, with a streamlined scanning process that allows users to scan directly from their document scanner or  MFP to an Android device. While previous scanning methods required vendor-specific applications to be installed, or poor quality scans via camera, Mopria Scan eliminates the hassle of installing apps for multiple scanner brands, and supports most manufacturers’ scan devices.

The Mopria Alliance notes that Mopria Scan fits “perfectly into a business climate where companies increasingly require mobile solutions alongside traditional workflows.” In a recent study conducted by the Mopria Alliance on workplace scanning habits, almost 83 percent of respondents said they scan alone – not in the presence of others – because they’re waiting for access to a scanner, or because they need to scan multiple documents at once on a shared office resource. The ability to scan from a digital device can help employees more efficiently perform tasks such as uploading scans to cloud services, local, or mobile storage.

Phil Mazzilli, chairman of the Marketing Working Group at the Mopria Alliance, commented: “With this improved method for the office – as well as consumers and business travelers – to scan to their mobile device, users get all the functionality of a wired scanner without being bound to a desktop or laptop by using Mopria Scan. Mopria Scan gives users more flexibility and facilitates new collaborative and mobile use cases.”

The Mopria survey revealed that almost 65 percent of respondents scan for their own record-keeping, with 55 percent scanning in order to reference information in the file later – meaning the ability to scan to a mobile device or cloud service gives users an easy way to carry their files with them for quick reference.

The Mopria Alliance introduced the first Mopria Scan app in December 2018. It allowed users to easily scan photos, documents and other media to their mobile devices with a complete solution and universal settings options like resolution, color, file format, and custom scan areas.

Additional details on Mopria Scan, along with steps on how the app works, can be found here, and a list of Mopria-certified scanners, printers, and MFPs can be found here.

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