Microsoft Announces New Features for Microsoft Universal Print

This week at its Ignite 2023 conference, Microsoft announced new features for its Microsoft Universal Print, its cloud-based print solution.

New features include support for Apple Mac OS Devices, as well as:

Pull Printing

With pull-printing, print jobs are held at the printer, keeping them secure. Users release them for printing by using the printer’s control panel or touchscreen by authenticating themselves and selecting their print job. User authentication is provided via the Microsoft 365 mobile app, QR code, PIN code, or employee badge.

Delegate Administer Support

Administrators can now delegate printer management responsibilities to others. 

Troubleshoot Printer Problems

Using the Universal Print portal, the Print Jobs page now includes a new column that provides more information about the print-job queue. Microsoft has also provides new guidance to help administrators resolve common printer problems.

Phasing Out Third-Party Print Drivers

In September, Microsoft had also announced that instead of third-party print drivers, Windows will now switch to the Microsoft Universal Print Drive that supports the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) and Mopria Alliance print standards.

Microsoft will stop accepting third-party drivers in Windows Updates in 2025. Updates to existing printer drivers will still be allowed, but drivers for new printers will no longer be added. For more information, visit Microsoft here.