Lexmark Australia Introduces ‘Work from Home’ Bundle

On October 27th, Lexmark International Australia launched a new “Work from Home” bundle for its channel partners in Australia that allows them to combine products, services, and support for their small and mid-size business (SMB) customers that have employees working remotely at home.

The offering is part of Lexmark’s program aimed at partners that have customers currently looking to move away from the traditional A3 cost-per-page model to a simplified flat-fee A4 solution.

The “Work from home” package is a three-year agreement that Lexmark resellers can offer their customers for a flat monthly fee. The package includes a Lexmark A4 monochrome printer, consumables, on-site installation and support, as well as access to the Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management platform, the last of which enables partners to remotely monitor and manage each device in their customer’s fleet. Using Lexmark’s cloud-monitoring capability, channel partners can provide support and supplies as required.

Stephen Dubois, sales general manager for Australia and New Zealand at Lexmark, commented: “The basic ‘Work from Home’ bundle is only a starting point for our partners who are using a flat-rate service and support. It’s designed to help our resellers better connect with changing end-customer demand.

“Over the past few months, we’ve seen that there’s a growing interest from many of our channel partners to evolve their charge models towards a flat fee. Such models help resellers to diversify beyond just selling tangible assets and consumables and into device as a service, which offers additional profits,” he added.

Cloud-Print Services Surge

As companies have turned to remote work this year, resellers use of Lexmark’s Cloud Print Services such as Cloud Fleet Management, Cloud Connector, and Cloud Print Management has surged. Between April and July of this year, global usage from channel partners rose by over 133 percent compared to the same period last year.

Dubois says the surge of Lexmark’s Cloud Print Services has been coupled with an increased interest from channel partners to include the services as part of a broader package for customers.

“SMB customers today are purchasing higher-value A4 products as their teams have created office workspaces in their homes. Our new office-in-the-home bundle allows print resellers to create specific service bundles for a flat fee where they have tangible products coupled with device as a service,” said Dubois.

“We expect this model to continue to evolve as some print resellers are considering now to deliver flat-rate monthly billing, a move that would follow the steps of other industries like telecommunications, where mobile carriers initially charged by the minute and now sell fixed rate monthly bundles.”

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